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My third rewatch

I recently started my third rewatch of BB on DVD, having found two BB virgin friends to watch it with me…We get together every Sunday evening for dinner and 3 or 4 episodes, and are well into the second season, having just watched “Better Call Saul.” As we go, I’m slightly revising my “scripts” of and comments on each episode, and have completed that to the end of Season 2. At the same time, I’m listening to Aron and Jim’s BaldMove rewatch (podcast), and enjoying their commentary.

I was inspired to do the rewatch by how much one of the friends and I enjoyed watching the first season of “True Detective” together. I couldn’t watch that show, which veered into the horror genre, without company, but couldn’t resist buying it on DVD as a staunch fan of both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. I asked her what else I might have that she’d like to watch, and we settled on BB.

Spoiler alert on this paragraph…I’m enjoying the rewatch, but not as much as the first two times, now that I know the ending, which, as readers of this blog know, I found somewhat disappointing in its tendency to glorify Walt (or at least not make him pay for his crimes with more than a death that was coming anyway) and its not letting us see Jesse get away with any more than his life.

When we get to the last 8 episodes — assuming we do — it’ll be my second time to watch them. We’ll have to see if my friends can take the progressive darkening of the show, as well as the sheer amount of time required to watch it.

It’s interesting that we watched “Better Call Saul” last night, considering that it was the debut evening of the new Vince Gilligan Series of that name, starring Bob Odenkirk. I haven’t watched the first episode yet — I’m waiting till tomorrow when I can watch both introductory episodes (the second one airs tonight) on Amazon. I’ll let you know…TheĀ New York Times reviewer loved it.


The finale

Oh. My. God. Isn’t Vince Gilligan a genius? In “Felina,” the final episode of “Breaking Bad,” he managed to tie up all the important loose ends and make as much of the bad stuff of preceding episodes right. Heisenberg, the bad fairy, came back to town and, as a chastened Walt, waved his magic wand, breaking good in the end.

Walt’s being able to possibly get his money to his family by scaring those smug yuppie Schwartzes with Skinny Pete and Badger holding laser pointers in the dark was priceless. But, for me, the best was seeing Jesse come to life, kill Todd (callback to Walt’s killing of Krazy 8, but with joy), and be given a choice of how to deal with Walt. Do the opposite of what he says he wants and make a mad dash for freedom!! Scars notwithstanding, Jesse can now become the man he was meant to be — engage in woodworking instead of meth-making art, and maybe help care for Brock.

Was it a bit unrealistic that Walt could steal a car and go back to the cabin to get the rest of his money right under the noses of the New Hampshire police, then drive all the way to New Mexico and tick off all the items on his to-do list in 24 hours? Sure. But who cares?

I rooted like hell for the good-fairy Walt, and cried happy tears when he died among his beloved tools, having admitted and righted many wrongs. Much better than being locked up or dying of cancer. I thought the “Special Love” song playing at the end was for Jesse until I read or heard somewhere that “baby blue” is actually supposed to be the blue meth. I don’t care — it’ll always be Jesse for me. Walt did care about him and for his family to the best of his ability.

I was also glad to see some reconnection between Skyler and Marie. We may not always be able to do it, or do it right, but love really does make the world go ’round.


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Thanks, Robin

A big thank you to Robin Pierson of for reading the best part of my comment on “Ozymandias” in his last podcast — and for mentioning the web address of this blog!

If you enjoyed reading my thoughts on how Jesse’s character on “Breaking Bad” reflects our society, you might enjoy my other blog, It expresses my views on the current state of the world and ideas on what can be done about it, and asks for yours. Hope to “see” you either here or there!


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I did it!

Hey, everybody (actually nobody yet that I know of!) —

I finally did it! Finished my summaries of all the episodes and seasons so far of “Breaking Bad,” the most amazing TV show ever. In time for the last eight episodes, too…I did it to be prepared for the last eight, and I feel I am. I don’t know if I’ll add summaries of the last eight and the series as a whole before I’m done — probably, but most likely not as quickly as you’ll be able to find elsewhere. Meanwhile, I hope at least a few people will find this site of interest/helpful in understanding the show.

I’d love to hear from other fans…

P.S. Two of my most recent entries are from season 3, oddly enough, because I forgot to actually publish them after I wrote them. I hope this won’t put them out of order when you search by season; I know it may look strange to a first-time viewer.


Are you doing a Breaking Bad rewatch?

Hey, all you Breaking Baddicts out there —

Are you doing a Breaking Bad rewatch like I am, in anticipation of August 11th? If so, you might be interested in reading my episode recaps and season summaries. I have Season 1 up, Season 2 finished and ready to go up, and rough drafts of Season 3 through Episode 10, “The Fly.” I’m learning a lot about the plot and the characters that I didn’t catch the first time around, and I’d love to share it all with you, and hear your thoughts — maybe even form a Breaking Baddicts community. Remember though, if you haven’t watched all the BB episodes so far, you might want to wait to read stuff on my site, since it contains spoilers (is written from a Season 5 perspective).

Another place to go for a rewatch community is, British TV critic Robin Pierson’s website. I haven’t quite caught up with Robin, so haven’t posted any comments on his site, but I’m enjoying listening to his podcasts after rewatching each episode. You might, too. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before, my favorite BB podcast is “Breaking Good” at Aron and Jim haven’t done a rewatch, and they only have podcasts for Seasons 3-5, but they’re really fun (and funny) to listen to.

Anyway — having fun with BB (when I’m not locking all my windows at night, even in the heat, for fear of “the cousin” type interlopers!), and hope you are, too…


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