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Walter White: one of the last of the “patriarchs”?

If it sounds interesting to you, check out the first real post on my “Read the Writing on the Wall” blog at http://www.writingonthewalldotme, In it I take you through an article on “The Death of Adulthood” — if it ever existed — in American culture, and the presumed death of patriarchy, with W.W. as an example, alongside Tony Soprano and Don Draper. I conclude with some thoughts on what real adulthood might entail…


My other two blogs

Hey, Breaking Baddicts —

Just wanted to make sure you knew about my other two blogs: I post political, spiritual, and political/spiritual stuff at, my “main” site, and just added a third site,, which will be cultural: about movies, TV shows, and current literature that I think has a bearing on our current predicament/challenge as a species — whether we want to survive as part of the fairly democratic, egalitarian community of Planet Earth, or destroy most of our home, our fellow species, and our own kind by continuing with “business as usual.” The other part of our challenge as a species is whether we can learn to get along peacefully with each other, sharing earth’s resources with each other and the rest of nature. Both parts pretty much go together, I think.

Obviously, there’ll be some cross-posting between this blog and the new one, at least for a while…