More on “Granite State”

23 Sep

I want to copy the post I just sent to the here. Guess I hadn’t plumbed all the emotional depths the first time around.

Like a lot of folks, I have a heavy emotional investment in “Breaking Bad.” The characters and their stories are very real to me, and things have gotten so tense in these last episodes I sleep poorly before and after each new one. It’s been worth it up till now, but “Granite State” has taken away my sadness that the show is ending, and replaced it with eagerness to get back to my version of normal life.

Though the episode had the usual high level of writing, acting, and production, it left me feeling sad and disappointed. Things have just gotten too grim, especially for Jesse, my favorite character. Aaron Paul, the wonderful young actor who plays the role, has said that maybe Jesse doesn’t deserve a happy ending. In my heart, I feel he does, but it not only doesn’t look like he’s going to get it, endless pain is heaped upon him in every new episode. It’s too much — this kid had suffered enough by the end of the first eight episodes of this season. He’s being tortured more than any other character, and he’s one of the least responsible for the evil! The moral point that everybody pays swings too much his way, and, I’m beginning to feel, is being overemphasized.

I was excited to see Jesse get out of his underground cell, disappointed at his recapture, and angry at the killing of Andrea. Andrea didn’t have to be killed for Todd and his gang to make their point. Her death was gratuitous and way too quick. Why does everyone Jesse loves have to die? Also, just in general, the Uncles of Anarchy, as the Baldmovers call them, are looking way too powerful — almost superhuman.

I’m afraid there isn’t time now for everything — or much of anything that I wanted to see happen. It’s all just too grim and gray.

I hope the last episode proves me wrong.


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