Before I watch “Granite State”

23 Sep

A few thoughts before I watch “Granite State” (I watch first thing Monday morning on Amazon instant video)…

Congratulations to Vince Gilligan and everyone involved with “Breaking Bad” for winning the Best Drama Emmy, and to Anna Gunn for winning Best Supporting Actress in a drama series. Of course, I think Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul should have won their fourth and third Emmys, too, but Bryan was satisfied with the way things went (Aaron probably was too). I don’t watch the shows that won in those categories, so I can’t compare…I’m just going on the assumption that that they and their actors must inferior!

I’m losing sleep both before I watch BB (wondering what will happen) and afterward (when I’ve seen more horrifying and tragic consequences of Walt’s “empire-building”). So, here are my pre-“Granite State” predictions (if I’m right, applause, please; if I’m wrong, forget I ever said this)…The Villigan, as the Baldmovers call him, has said that the end will be “polarizing,” and it occurred to me last night that that might mean that Walt sees the error of his ways before the end and tries to make what amends he can. That would be polarizing, because, while it’s what I want to see, some fans just want Walt to be as bad as he can possibly be and get away with it. Here’s what I think will happen: Walt will read about the blue meth re-hitting the streets and realize that Jesse’s still alive and cooking for the Aryan Uncles of Anarchy. At first, he’ll be mad that, once again (Gray Matter), someone’s stealing his thunder. Adding this to his considerable grievances against Jesse and the Uncles, he’ll want to storm back to Albuquerque and assert his “rights.” But some thing or things, probably including shock and grief over Hank’s death and the loss of his family, will make him think again. In the last episode, Walt will return to Albuquerque — as we’ve already seen — and try to rescue Jesse, as many have predicted.

Jesse, however, has been way to badly hurt by Walt to ever forgive him, and he’s too scarred (perhaps literally) to have anything to live for. So, even though Walt’s there asking for his forgiveness, he creates a chemical suicide bomb that takes everybody — Walt, Todd, Lydia, the Uncles, and himself out. End of story. The Big Bang theory.

The next two episodes also have to show us what happens to Skyler, Junior, Holly, Marie, and Saul. Some have predicted witness protection and relocation for Skyler, Junior, and Holly, which would probably involve open charges against Walt. But how much do the police know? Maybe Marie will agree to letting Skyler stay in Albuquerque, running the car wash. Maybe they’ll band together and head a two-woman household. Walt’s car will be found in the desert, and if Marie calls in the cops, they might get to Hank’s video and audio evidence before the Uncles do. The old Indian man might tell what he knows as well, and evidence of Walt and Skyler’s efforts to incriminate Hank could remain. Still, I’d like to see the innocent and comparatively innocent (Skyler) get out of this as intact as possible, without having their lives disrupted any more than they already have been. I want that for Jesse, too, including reunion with Angela and Brock — I just don’t know if our lost, broken boy can make it. He’d have to finally become a man. Maybe then he could forgive Walt, or at least say “Whatever…”

What about the ricin? I guess, according to my theory, it wouldn’t get used, or its use would be moot. And Saul? Can there be a spinoff series, even it takes place before all this, if Saul’s dead or doing time?

Finally, what about next year’s Emmys? Since the last two shows weren’t seen in time for 2013, will “Breaking Bad,” Bryan, and Aaron be eligible for more Emmys next year? I guess, on all counts, we’ll have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for my “Granite State” reactions…


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