Post-To’hajileee Predictions

09 Sep

Predictions after watching “To’hajilee”

Hank and Gomez will be killed in the gunfight with Jack, Todd, et al (the “Uncles of Anarchy,” as Jim and A.Ron of the “Breaking Good” podcast call this crew). Then the uncles will take Walt to their compound to cook meth. He’ll be a bit recalcitrant, to say the least, since Jack disobeyed his instructions and has also just killed a member of his family (Hank) and shot at another (Jesse).

Jesse will get away. I doubt that he’ll let the authorities know what happened, so the DEA can recover the bodies, because that would lead to his arrest. It would be great if he could recover his Hello Kitty phone, last seen going into Hank’s pocket and containing Walt’s confession to multiple murders and the poisoning of Brock, but the uncles are more likely to be in possession of it. My guess is that that evidence will be lost.

Skyler, Junior, and Marie will have to deal with the disappearances of Walt and Hank. Walt will probably insist that the uncles let him call home, and the DEA can get the message from that. They may also have a way of tracking Hank and Gomez or Hank’s vehicle. Skyler will realize that there’s no way she can continue to do damage control or continue to lie to Junior, so she she’ll do a complete 180, allowing an eventual reconciliation with Marie. Right now, though, Marie will be so unhinged by Hank’s death that she’ll want to kill Walt more than ever. Even though Skyler once said she was waiting for Walt to die, I don’t think she’ll feel this way now.

Jesse will realize that Walt being arrested and convicted would ultimately have been a mixed bag for him, and that nothing can wipe the slate clean for him but time (to some extent, if he’s given it). Since he’s the only major male character still alive and free, he’ll need to play a major role now. I think he’ll try to rescue Walt, possibly with Saul’s help. Junior may also try to rescue Walt – if he does, the uncles will either kill him or keep him in chains as a bargaining chip. Going with the Jesse-rescues-Walt scenario, I could see Jesse killing Todd.

Walt gets away from the uncles somehow, because he ends up in New Hampshire, the Granite State, in the second-to-last episode – unless “granite state” is some kind of state of being, like being frozen and unable to act. In one of the last two episodes Walt comes back to rescue Jesse and/or Junior from the uncles – or maybe the uncles are out of the picture by then and he’s going after Lydia or the Mexican cartel.

Lydia, pissed that all these ruckuses are distracting from meth production, will come swooping in and, like Walt and Skyler, try to control the situation. The uncles need her to market at least part of the meth they hope to produce, so it isn’t likely that they’ll kill her, but she will die somehow at some point.

I want to see Jesse and Junior together – maybe even a temporary team of Jesse, Junior, Skyler, and Marie, ending with Junior’s death and Skyler either dying too or leaving town with Holly.

The money, a character in itself, will be wanted by Walt, Skyler, and Saul. It’ll also be wanted by the uncles, if they find out about it and learn its location. Jesse’s not interested in the money for himself, but could use his knowledge of its location to affect others’ behavior.

I don’t think we would have seen so much of Andrea and Brock in “To’hajilee” if they weren’t going to figure in future episodes. So, add Andrea to the list of women concerned about the disappearances of their men. I think we’ll see Jesse with Andrea and Brock again – permanently, if Jesse has a happy ending (unlikely). Or, as I’ve said before, Andrea could be the Mexican maiden whose man dies in her arms in a hail of bullets.

Also, as I’ve said before, Walt, Jesse, and Marie survive until at least the final episode.

This show is taking on the feel of a Greek tragedy. Nobody’s going be 100% happy in the end, and it’s going to be drummed into us that, Vince Gilligan’s fascination with crime and violence notwithstanding, crime doesn’t pay. For Walt, this will mean losing his family – Junior and possibly Skyler will die. Maybe Saul ends up raising Holly, necessitating his remaking of himself into as much of a family man as he’s capable of becoming.


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