Predictions for the final 4

03 Sep

Predictions for the Final 4 by Character

Note: My predictions are heavily influenced, especially in Jesse’s case, by what I’d like to see happen.


We know that Walt survives until the last episode because of what we see in the openers of “Live Free or Die” and “Blood Money.” He’s been in hiding in New Hampshire or elsewhere, and has come back to try to protect or help someone he cares about – Jesse? He may have killed Skyler and/or Junior in a tragic “accident,” and seen at least some of the error of his ways. He may also have worked for a time as a meth-cook slave of Todd or Lydia (eventually rescued by Jesse?) He still has enough money to buy the M-60 and tip the waitress $100, but, if, as I suspect, the ricin’s something he’s planning to take himself after he accomplishes what he’s come back to Albuquerque to do, he doesn’t need a lot of money. I think most of his money has been confiscated by the police.


Jesse will stop being a pawn in everyone else’s game and start calling at least some of the shots. I’d like to see him walk off, scot-free, into the sunset, but I think there’s a chance that he’ll die at the end. If he dies before the end, I’ll be furious! A lot of people have predicted that he gets kidnapped by Todd and the “uncles of anarchy” and forced to cook for them, but I’d like to see this “honor” reserved for Walt. I don’t want to see Jesse kill anyone – I don’t think he can stand any additions to his already heavy karmic burden – but I think there’s a chance he might kill Hank or Walt in self-defense or to protect someone else.


I think Hank is going to be killed or arrested before the last episode, with Gomez taking over for him – trying to exonerate him and running the DEA office in Albuquerque.


I think Skyler, like Jesse, will come out of her boxed-in, depressed funk and realize that: a) there’s no way she can control things, b) that she needs to stop protecting Walt, who’s just too wrong, and c) that she needs to tell Walt, Jr. the truth. This all may happen too late though, and somehow she and the kids may be caught in a gun battle. I know a lot of people are predicting Skyler’s death, but I think this is partly because so many people – mostly male – hate her for her strength, intelligence, and thwarting of Walt, especially early on. I think the BB writers focus a lot on what the characters deserve, and Skyler doesn’t deserve to die. My prediction for Skyler is based on the fact that Walt isn’t wearing a wedding ring in the “Live Free or Die” opener. I think he still would be if Skyler were dead, so I think what’s happened is that they’ve split up. On the other hand, Walt’s using the last name of Lambert, which is Skyler’s maiden name, so this could be in tribute to her after her death. Maybe it could also be in tribute to her belated recovery of her moral compass, which Walt belatedly honors.


I know that Marie survives until the last episode, because a fan took a picture of her copy of the script for it. I think she’ll try to kill whoever’s responsible for Hank’s death or imprisonment. I hope Marie and Skyler reconcile before the end. Maybe Skyler does something – or tries to do something – for the Schraders after realizing the error of her ways – perhaps paying for it with her life (at Walt’s hands?).


Whether or not he finds out the truth about his parents (I hope he does), I think Junior dies trying to protect either Walt or Skyler and Holly. Maybe Walt kills him while going after Skyler in a rage.


I think Holly survives, because it would just be too gruesome and mean if the one truly innocent person in the whole story got killed. I also don’t think she’ll end up in foster care, because that would be gruesome, too. If Skyler survives, she’ll be with her mom. Otherwise, she’ll be with Marie, or, as some fans have predicted, with her brother, if he survives, or with kid-lover Jesse. Maybe even with her dad – see the end of these predictions…


Mike was right that Lydia deserves to die, greedy bitch/female Heisenberg wannabee that she is. Todd seems to have a crush on her in “Buried,” but he could turn on her. Or, she could be the one Walt’s coming back to get.


Todd is in the same category as Lydia. As long as I’m in wish fulfillment mode, I’ll say that Jesse somehow proves that Todd killed Drew Sharp – maybe because both of their fingerprints are on the spider jar that Todd carelessly abandoned at his house, leaving the spider to die, airless, inside.


I think Saul, Kuby, and Huell need to atone for their sins by helping Jesse nail Walt, Todd, and Lydia. I don’t think any of them will die, except maybe Kuby.

The Mexican Cartel

Down, but not out (they couldn’t be that easy to crush forever). And remember the narcocorrido (song) in “Negro y Azul” predicting that the cartel would get Heisenberg in the end? Also, the title of the season finale, “Felina,” is, I believe, a reference to the song about El Paso in which the hero dies in a hail of bullets for the love of his beautiful Mexican girl. I’m going to predict that the series finale begins or ends on the border with Walt, Gomez – or Hank, if he’s survived this far, and Jesse all present, and Marie trailing Hank or his nemesis. The Mexican girl could be Andrea, Jesse’s former girlfriend and he the guy who dies in her arms after righting many of the series’ wrongs. Then Walt avenges Jesse and decides, after all, to give the ricin to someone else. Or, Felina could be an assassin for the Mexican drug cartel, assigned to fulfill the prediction of the narcocorrido. She could also be a relative of Gus Fring (his daughter?) bent on revenge. My final idea is that “Felina,” which means “cat-like,” could be an alias for Lydia.

The series ends with Walt still alive, but bereft of his family, including Jesse. Maybe, after all, he’s Holly’s caretaker. Mr. Chips to Scarface to a vastly humbled Scar-chips. Allowing a sequel with a screwed-up Holly as the heroine…



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  1. GWilson

    September 27, 2013 at 6:31 am

    …or Felina could just be an anygram for Finale.


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