Season 5 summary

07 Aug

Season 5 summary

Walt, Jesse, and Mike use a giant magnet in a truck to wipe the hard drive of Gus’s laptop, which is in police custody. In the investigation of this event, however, the police discover information about Gus’s secret bank accounts tucked in a picture frame.

Walt plants a fake ricin cigarette in Jesse’s vacuum cleaner, where they “find” it during a search, and Jesse apologizes for almost shooting him.

Mike refuses to join a new meth-making operation with Walt and Jesse, because, as he says, Walt’s a “ticking time bomb.” He then meets with Lydia, an employee of Madrigal Electromotive and former employee of Gus’s, and reassures her that he’ll make sure that the eleven of Gus’s men likely to be arrested won’t talk. However, he finds out while being questioned by Hank and Gomez that the police have frozen the funds set aside to keep these “legacy” men quiet – not to mention the money Mike himself has amassed for his 10-year-old granddaughter, Kaylee. Lydia pays one of the men to kill everyone else on the list, including Mike. The guy kills one, Chao, before Mike kills him. Mike then goes to Houston, prepared to kill Lydia, but when he finds out she can still get methylamine, he lets her live and calls Walt and says he’s “in.” His share of the operation can fund the legacy men.

Walt and Jesse decided to cook in houses tented for insect extermination by Vamonos Pest Control. At the first tented cook, Walt manipulates Jesse into breaking up with Andrea by telling him that keeping secrets is bad for relationships. Walt and Mike tangle over the division of their first profits, and Mike tells Walt, “Just because you shot Jesse James don’t make you Jesse James.”

Skyler has a breakdown with Marie, then another at a family dinner celebrating Walt’s 51st birthday (she walks into the pool with her clothes on). Hank and Marie agree to take the children to live at their house for a while, since Skyler doesn’t feel they’re safe at home. Walt leases expensive cars for himself and Junior (another Dodge Challenger for the kid), and Jesse gives Walt an expensive watch.

Walt, Jesse, Mike, and Todd, a young Vamonos employee, pull off a train heist of a huge quantity of methylamine with logistical information provided by Lydia. Todd shoots a young boy on a dirt bike who’s seen them, upsetting Jesse. The next day Mike quits the operation, because the DEA is too hot on his trail, and Jesse quits because of the way innocents are harmed. Mike and Jesse meet with Declan, a Phoenix drug kingpin, and offer to sell him their share of the methylamine, but Walt steals it and makes his own deal. He and Todd will do all the cooking, Declan the distribution. Lydia also takes 25 pounds a week to sell in the Czech Republic. Mike and Jesse each get $5 million, but Walt balks at giving Jesse his share.

When Mike’s lawyer is arrested and starts talking, Mike needs a “go bag” he’s left in a car at the Albuquerque airport. Walt volunteers to get it for him, and while handing it over demands the names of the nine remaining “legacy” men. Mike refuses to give it to him and reams him out for allowing his pride to mess up the arrangement they had with Gus. Angry at this, Walt shoots Mike with his own gun. He gets “the list” from Lydia and uses Todd’s uncle’s contacts to have the nine men murdered in three separate jails in a two-minute period.

Some time after this, Walt pays a nostalgic visit to a frightened Jesse and leaves a bag with $5 million in it outside his door. Three months go by, a period of hard work and massive profits for Walt. Finally, Marie asks that Skyler take her children home, and Skyler shows Walt the huge stack of money she’s put in a storage unit and tells him she wants her life back. Within a few days, he tells her he’s “out,” but the next evening during a family barbecue, Hank discovers evidence in a book of Whitman poems Gale gave Walt that his brother-in-law is Heisenberg.

To be continued…



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