Are you doing a Breaking Bad rewatch?

09 Jul

Hey, all you Breaking Baddicts out there —

Are you doing a Breaking Bad rewatch like I am, in anticipation of August 11th? If so, you might be interested in reading my episode recaps and season summaries. I have Season 1 up, Season 2 finished and ready to go up, and rough drafts of Season 3 through Episode 10, “The Fly.” I’m learning a lot about the plot and the characters that I didn’t catch the first time around, and I’d love to share it all with you, and hear your thoughts — maybe even form a Breaking Baddicts community. Remember though, if you haven’t watched all the BB episodes so far, you might want to wait to read stuff on my site, since it contains spoilers (is written from a Season 5 perspective).

Another place to go for a rewatch community is, British TV critic Robin Pierson’s website. I haven’t quite caught up with Robin, so haven’t posted any comments on his site, but I’m enjoying listening to his podcasts after rewatching each episode. You might, too. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before, my favorite BB podcast is “Breaking Good” at Aron and Jim haven’t done a rewatch, and they only have podcasts for Seasons 3-5, but they’re really fun (and funny) to listen to.

Anyway — having fun with BB (when I’m not locking all my windows at night, even in the heat, for fear of “the cousin” type interlopers!), and hope you are, too…


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