Just Got a Clue about the Ending

27 Jun

Just Got a Clue about the Ending

Hey, everybody –

I just got a little clue about the ending of “Breaking Bad.” I saw online recently that the name of the last episode of the final eight this summer/fall is “Felina;” in fact, I saw a photo someone took of the title page of the episode script in Betsy Brandt’s hand (which means Marie survives, at least until the final episode).

Okay…A minute ago, I was listening the “Grateful Dead” singing “El Paso.” You know – the song about the cowboy who loves the “Mexican maiden” named Felina in the “west Texas town of El Paso”? He has to flee for his life into “the badlands of New Mexico.” But his love for Felina is stronger than his fear of death. He returns for her, and dies of a bullet in his chest as she kneels lovingly by his side.

Remember the opener/teaser of the first episode of Season 5? Walt gets an automatic rifle from the gun man, and some people have speculated that he’s prepared to die to protect someone or some people. There may or may not be a real Mexican (or Chicana) maiden named Felina involved (new girlfriend for Jesse? Girlfriend for Walt?). Maybe Jesse will end up being the rescuer of Chicana maiden Angela or one of her relatives…Another possibility: Felina’s an assassin for the Mexican drug cartel, assigned to fulfill the prediction of the “Negro y Azul” narcocorrido. She could also be a relative of Gus Fring (his daughter?) bent on revenge. My final idea is that “Felina” could be an alias for Lydia. Mike and Walt once threatened her, and she doesn’t seem like the type to forget it — perhaps a bit of a stretch, since she lives in Houston, but the deed could take place in El Paso.

Maybe this isn’t as big of a revelation as you were hoping for…but it’s a piece…Felina means “cat like.”

Okay – I’ll go back into my re-watch cave. I’m up to Season 2, Episode 8: “Better Call Saul,” and I’ve written my summaries for the first seven episodes, but I’m not going to post them until I’ve finished watching Season 2.

See ya on the flip flop…


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